1891Born 30 June, in ‘Fernlea’, High Street, Cookham.
1907Studied art, Maidenhead Technical Institute.
1908-12Student at the Slade School of Art; contemporaries included Nevinson, Roberts, Gertler, Bomberg & Paul Nash. Nicknamed ‘Cookham’. Awarded scholarship, Melville Nettleship & Composition Prizes.
1912Exhibited in Roger Fry’s ‘Second Post-Impressionist Exhibition’.
1915-18Enlisted RAMC, 1915. Stationed Beaufort War Hospital, Bristol. Posted to Macedonia, 1916. Volunteered for infantry, 1917.
1919Official war picture,¬†Travoys with Wounded Soldiers… (Imperial War Museum) Spencer meets Hilda Carline
1920The Last Supper‘ (Stanley Spencer Gallery).
1925Married the artist Hilda Carline; 23 February, two daughters, Shirin & Unity.Shirin is born in November 1925
1927First one-man exhibition, Goupil Gallery. Created a stir with ‘The Resurrection, Cookham‘, 1924-6 (Tate).
1927-32Mural decorations based on wartime experiences in Bristol & Macedonia, Sandham Memorial Chapel, Burghclere (National Trust).
1929Meets Patricia Preece
1930Unity born in May
1932-38Lived in Cookham. 1932 elected Associate of the Royal Academy.
1935Resigned from RA after rejection of two paintings by hanging committee.
1937Divorced by Hilda. .
1937Married Patricia Preece 29 May, but separated almost immediately.
1939-1941Stayed and worked at The White Hart Inn, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire with George and Daphne Charlton. Started “Ship Building on the Clyde” series here.
1940Commissioned to record the war effort by War Artists Advisory Committee: finished ‘Shipbuilding on the Clyde‘ series, 1946.
1945-50Port Glasgow Resurrection series.
1945-59Lived at Cliveden View, Cookham Rise.
1950CBE; rejoined Royal Academy & elected RA. Hilda dies in November.
1955Retrospective exhibition, Tate Gallery.
1959Returned to ‘Fernlea’. Knighted. Died 14 December at Canadian Memorial Hospital, Cliveden, Berkshire.