Patron Saints


Author  : Amanda Bradley, Ann Danks and others
Format  : Paperback  , 72 pages
Price  : £10.00

Size : 237 x 194 mm
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Patron Saints: Collecting Stanley Spencer is a revealing new exhibition at the renowned Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham – Spencer’s spiritual home and major source of inspiration. The exhibition draws together a spectacular collection of loans, including The Centurion’s Servant (Tate); Love on the Moor (Fitzwilliam); John Donne Arriving in Heaven, (Fitzwilliam) and one work not seen in the public domain in over 50 years. The exhibition and catalogue examine the often complex relationships between Spencer and his patrons and what drove them to collect his work. Spencer was a single-minded genius, but the influence of his patrons on his painting is far greater than has hitherto been realised.

Lucky to be an Artist

Author  : John Spencer
Format  : Hardback , 240 pages
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Size : 245 x 200 mm
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