Catalogue Raisonné


Author  : Keith Bell
Format  : Paperback  , 408 pages

Price  : £45.00
Size : 290 x 250 mm
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Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) is one of the outstanding painters of the twentieth century. Highly controversial and single-minded in the pursuit of his personal vision, he often suffered neglect and hostility, and he has tended to be seen as an eccentric visionary. However, his contribution to British art and his true stature as an artist are now internationally recognized.

Keith Bell’s comprehensive catalogue raisonné of Spencer’s work was recognized as a major contribution to Spencer studies when it was published in 1992, and it remains the essential reference work. For those who would rather enjoy the many superb illustrations and the illuminating narrative for their own sake (without the detailed catalogue that appears in the original), this abridged edition is now issued in paperback at a highly competitive price.

Lucky to be an Artist

Author  : John Spencer
Format  : Hardback , 240 pages
Price  : £25.00

Size : 245 x 200 mm
Shipping  : Royal Mail , 1st Class £10.95